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BA Industries—a fully integrated, seamless organization empowered to deliver globally—is a streamlined and efficient supply chain platform without geographical or culture boundaries.

Competition in our industry is intense. With the exception of some technological advancements in the past few years, very little improvement has taken place in manufacturing efficiencies. And, most improvements are attributed to software advancements – not in-factory innovation. Companies constantly look for other advantages that would empower their organizations and help them to fend-off the competition. BA Industries has several advantages we provide to our valued customers to assist them in competing favorably in the marketplace:

check Long-term view of the industry’s needs

check Company history, reputation and momentum in many geographical areas

check Value added services that provide much more than cheap prices on commodity merchandise

check Proprietary solutions created to address this specific industry’s needs

check Ownership or direct relationships with the manufacturing facilities

check “Best of Class” sourcing capabilities

check Utilize advanced manufacturing systems and supply chain processes - providing a streamlined, end-to-end business model

check User friendly Internet platforms contributing convenient real-time, interactive links for buyers

check Breadth and depth of product offerings

check Provide visibility into the Company’s real-time inventory

check Provide customers with real-time order status

check World-class customer service

check Chain of commerce integration and cost savings benefits

check Seasoned executive team

check Professional sales and marketing staff