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Consumer products firms worldwide face many of the same challenges: insuring products are made to specification, delivered on-time and produced in clean, safe, well managed factories located in low labor areas of the world. Often production is outsourced to unsafe, environmentally unfriendly facilities without the buyer ever knowing, which is a huge problem for all involved.

Below outlines how BA Industries now assists companies in avoiding these problems while gaining better vision, tighter quality and production control, a better flow of crucial and timely information and direct exposure within the manufacturing facilities:

check Factory evaluations, compliance, human rights and corrective action

check Raw materials monitoring, testing, quality and inspection

check Full-time supervision of production in the certified and approved facilities

check Supervise initial sew-through of garments and communicate discrepancies on top-of-production immediately to the merchandisers

check In-line quality control

check Final quality control at AQL levels specified by our clients

check Specification management and increased communication within the manufacturing facilities of requirements much earlier in the manufacturing cycle to shorten the implementation phase and shorten deliver times

check Sourcing of materials, manufacturing facilities and logistical services

check Shipping compliance management and floor-ready supervision of products or cartons

check Logistical assistance and consolidation of multi facility products to create greater efficiency in shipping and to reduce costs

Of the above supply chain components, companies may choose either a full service package or look to BA Industries to provide blocks of services you can implement in phases or employ as needed - in different countries or regions of the world.