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Our customers do not want to be in the supply chain management business, so BA Industries has become their in-house design, product development, manufacturing and distribution department. 

The condition of the industry today is such that companies (importers, distributors, companies servicing government agencies, retailers, corporate wear firms, uniform houses, grocery stores, in-market manufacturers, etc.) are looking for ways to increase their margins but are having a very difficult time doing so. They have realized if they are not sourcing and manufacturing product in low-cost areas of the world, they are falling behind the competition. These companies want to focus their efforts on better servicing their customer base and on their key business functions and do not have the staffing or capabilities on hand to properly execute all the design, product development, sourcing and supply chain processes necessary to be successful. This is why BA Industries has become a reliable partner they can fully trust to outsource these functions too.

International companies can no longer compete solely on price. With the elimination of quotas and restrictions on products being exported from countries worldwide, there is a tremendous amount of competition from low wage areas of the world that do not respect or comply with proper industry standards, environmental issues or labor and factory concerns.

BA Industries value-added, full-service business model differentiates itself from the many cutters and sewers of commodity goods now able to export. We realize that leading firms have transformed from simply buying goods on a seasonal basis to developing long-term partnerships with manufacturing companies able to supply vale-added services.

We abide by local and international laws with regard to labor, safety and environmental requirements and insure the proper processes and procedures are followed with regard to export documentation and regulations. Being well financed, having a strong and experienced management team and possessing the vision needed to service multiple overseas markets; combined with leading edge systems, processes and proven producer/partners, provides BA with flawless execution in the manufacturing and distribution process. Savvy business leaders, buyers and executives from all around the world are looking for this type of solution in order to better compete within their own competitive marketplaces. By BA Industries providing a fully integrated end-to-end business solution [or individual blocks of service within the supply chain as needed] for these leading companies, they can then comfortably and confidently focus their time on their own core competencies.